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3 January 2018 - Names in IJSEM 67/5 (May 2017) have been added to LPSN. The following new files were added: Alkalicoccus gen. nov., Anaeromicrobium gen. nov., Annwoodia gen. nov., Auricoccus gen. nov., Azonexaceae fam. nov., Calorithrix gen. nov., Dubosiella gen. nov., Endothiovibrio gen. nov., Faecalicatena gen. nov., Faecalimonas gen. nov., Fournierella gen. nov., Haloactinomyces gen. nov., Hydrogenophilalia class. nov., Hydrogenovibrio gen. nov., Hyphobacterium gen. nov., Ileibacterium gen. nov., Luteitalea gen. nov., Mariniblastus gen. nov., Niveitalea gen. nov., Rectinema gen. nov., Rhodohalobacter gen. nov., Sterolibacteriaceae fam. nov., Sulfuritortus gen. nov., Thiobacillaceae fam. nov., Thiomicrorhabdus comb. nov., Thiomicrorhabdus gen. nov., Thiomicrospira gen. nov., Tibeticola gen. nov., Vitiosangium gen. nov., Zoogloeaceae fam. nov.

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